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A Letter to Dali University International Students


Dear All International Students,

The novel corona virus infection with pneumonia occurred in many parts of China, which has been a China-wide attention and lots of control measures are being taken. Dali University has been paying great attention to the safety and health of all students. A leading group headed by University Committee Chairman Mr. Duan Lin and President Professor Wang Hua for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new corona virus has been established to fully promote the prevention and control of the epidemic. A special pre-arranged planning for international students has been set up. According to the relevant documents of the university, in order to work together to fight corona virus, to ensure the safety of international students through the epidemic prevention and control period, and to ensure the health and safety of all students, please pay attention to following initiatives:


1、Please have objective understanding of the corona virus. At present, the Chinese government is actively responding to the epidemic situation. Please continue today attention to the official information released by the Chinese government and do a good job in personal protection. Do not believe in or spread rumors.

2、Please always learn and follow related notices, information and regulations issued by the University.

3、Fully cooperate with Chinese governments at all levels, departments at all levels of the University and teachers of the schools to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

· Strengthen Personal Protection

1、Avoid going to crowded public places. Avoid coming into contact with patients with fever and respiratory tract infection, and wear masks if necessary. It is recommended to choose surgical masks and the N95 mask and wear them with correct method and regular replacements.

2、Wash your hands frequently: after arriving at dormitory from outside; before eating, after going to the toilet, after coughing or sneezing; before touching your mouth, nose and eyes; before and after processing food materials; after touching animals. For proper hand washing, use the water flowing in the soap box to rub hands for no less than 20 seconds. If it is inconvenient when being out, use the wash-free hand sanitizer containing 70% ~ 80% alcohol.

3、Pay attention to personal hygiene and do not spit anywhere. When sneezing or coughing, do not cover the nose and mouth directly with your hands. Cover the nose and mouth with tissues or bent elbows. Used tissues should be discarded in bins for hazardous garbage. Wash hands carefully after that.

4、Strengthen exercise, work and rest regularly, and keep indoor air circulation.

5、Avoid contact with wild livestock, wild animals and their excreta and secretions.

6、Campuses already close for any visitors. Do NOT invite anyone to campus. For those who came already, leave the campus ASAP.

7、 LESS off-campus diners, the University canteen is open.

8、Infrared thermometer shall be approachable for all students who are on campus.

9、The best way to keep safe is to stay indoors, reduce travel opportunities. If you have to go out, remember to wear a mask. The Dali Municipal Government has issued a notice on wearing masks in public places. Please strictly abide by it.

·Timely Medical Treatment

1、Any cough/fever or symptoms related to corona virus infection, REPORT immediately and do Hospital-checking.

2、If you or some other student is informed by the disease control department that it is a close contact, suspected case or confirmed pneumonia infected with the new corona virus, please do not be panic, actively cooperate with the examination, isolation and treatment.


·Requirements  for Returning after Vacation

1、For safety concern, no more internship in hospital from now on until official notice issues later on.

2、Travel outside of Xiaguan is Strictly Forbidden.

3、All students who travel back from other places in China should report to the head teachers or teacher on duty the exact time of coming back to campus, and must submit detailed return tickets and travel routes. They will be checked by doctors at the main gate of campus before assigning into the Observation Dormitory Rooms in Building 9 for 14 days.

4、For the safety reason, those who went back to their home countries are not allowed to come back to the University campus before Coming-back Application approved and the Official Notice given.


Working together to fight against corona virus is related to everyone’s benefit and is also our task and responsibility as a member of Dali University. Please believe that Dali University is always care about the health and safety of all the students, teachers and staffs, and please believe that with our joint efforts, the battle against the virus will succeed and the normal study life will be coming soon!


We wish you all health and safety and spend a nice winter vacation!



Education and Service Centerfor International Students

Dali University

January 28th, 2020