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Visa & Residence Permit Application

Visa & Residence Permit Application

Visa Application

To study at Dali University in China, all the international students shall apply for the student visa (X1 or X2) at Chinese Embassies and Consulates with the original Admission Notice issued by DLU, granted Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201/JW202) and other documents required by corresponding Chinese Embassies and Consulates.


Accommodation Registration

International students must register the accommodation information at Foreigner Services Center (FSC) of Dali Public security bureau within 24 hours after entering China, otherwise, punishment may apply accordingly.    


@ Old Town Campus: Level 2, North Branch, Administration Building No.2

@ Xiaguan Campus: Level 1, Building of College of Public Health.


Residence Permit Application

International students came to study on campus with X1 visa must apply for converting  X1 into Residence Permit within 30 days after entering China. Please consult with International students administration, ESCIS for more information.

Location of Visa Office, Dali Prefecture Public Security Bureau(PPSB):

 Exit-Entry administration and Service Center, Dali Prefecture Public Security Bureau.


Document list for Residence Permit application

1. Original Passport, a photo copy of Passport, A photo copy of the X1 visa page.

2. Sized Photo (@'Qingyun' Digital)

3. Visa Letter (@ESCIS)

4. Certificate of Health Examination for International Travellers (@ESCIS)

5. New application: Original JW202/201-Yellow page; (@ESCIS)

  Renew application: A photo of JW202/201-Yellow page (@ESCIS)

6. Accomodation Regisration Form (@FSC)



1. International students can apply for Residence permit 15 days ONLY before the X1 Visa or current Residence Permit expires.  

2. An appointment will be made by ESCIS with PPSB for Residence Permit. Applicant must go for processing on time accordingly.

3. International students should be led by a liaison person designated by ESCIS when going to Visa Office, Dali PPSB applying for Residence Permit. Dali PPSB will not accept the application without the appointment and being led by liaison person. Applicant's passort will be restain at least 15days at PPSB for the processing, during which a given receipt of application can be valid as a temporary ID

4. International students should be led by a liaison person designated by ESCIS when going to Visa Office, Dali PPSB collecting their passport and Residence permit.  A amount of Residence Permit fees will be charged by PPSB.

5. International students should report to ESCIS in time after replacing the new passport due to lost, expiry or other reasons, and transfer the residence permit from the old passport to the new passport within 7 days at PPSB.