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Mid-Autumn Gala & Final Speech Contest in Chinese Language


On September 5, 2014, the happy get-together of the international students of Dali University, celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (also called Moon Festival), was held in the Regent Hotel at Dali Old Town. Meanwhile, the Final Speech Contest, with the theme of Dali in My Heart, participated by the international students, kicked off.

      This annual event started in the year of 2013, initiated by the Dali CPPCC. The Chairman of the Dali CPPCC, Mr. Yang Jian, strongly believes that it is the local government that should show its great hospitality to the international students on the occasion of the festival and let them know more about the Chinese culture and about Dali. Thereafter, Dali CPPCC and Dali University jointly made it happen and the students enjoy it very much and learn more about China and Dali.

     Mr. Chhay Phkkdey, a Cambodian student studying at Dali University, won the champion, and the rest of the seven students were rewarded the second and third prizes. 

     Mr. Yang Jian hosted the Gala, and Prof. Zhang Qiaogui delivered a speech and Prof. Li Xinghua cut the Moon Cake with students.

 Moon Cake Cut Ceremony