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“We are ONE, we will help each other to BETTER US”


“We are ONE, we will help each other to BETTER US”


“During 2019 - 2020 winter vacation we took the initiative to start teaching Chinese to international students of Xiaguan campus, the idea was brought forward by three people who are Khine Zar Chi Htet(张凯奇),Bernard Majaben and Eric Martin. After Khine Zar Chi Htet showed interest in volunteering to help other students in Chinese heading towards HSK 4, the three of us met to see the idea through.”

“The idea started to be implemented from January 24 , the program started from January 30th to February 29th all the teaching were taken in WECHAT group, special for those who were interested in Chinese learning.”



 “Various methods have been implemented in the teaching strategies, such as sharing of interactive videos online, involved in enhancing the listening and speaking skills. At the beginning, the sessions were focused on introducing new words with respective initial and final tones in an order and new grammar patterns which are mainly used in the HSK 4 exams, the aim of this exercise was to expand the vocabulary and improve character writing of the students. This was done through our WECHAT group. As the sessions progressed, video learning and reading passages out-loud was implemented to improve the pronunciations of the tones.”

“There has been tremendous development for most students, which include the batch of 2018 and 2019, since 2019 batch had only covered the foundation. These sessions helped a lot in their vocabulary and writing skills.”




QNS: What made you join these sessions?

ANS: I wanted to have a head start in my Chinese studies during the holiday break without wasting my time being idle.


QNS: Have you seen any development in your studies so far?

ANS: There has been a tremendous increase in recognizing and writing characters and development in my vocabulary and reading skills compared to the first day I joined.


QNS: Are the sessions helpful/useful?

ANS: This session has provided me with useful insights on how to study efficiently, which leads my way in studying Chinese as a subject.


QNS: Are the methods used in this session useful to you? If not, which other method would you prefer?

ANS: The methods are very innovative and creative, they make learning fun!


QNS: What advice would you give someone who just started to learn Chinese?

ANS: I would advise them to review the words every day, since it’s very hard to remember and to focus on the pronunciations through listening to conversations, music or watching movies and videos etc.